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Beacon marketing and advertising solution

Beacons that run Bluetooth marketing campaigns, in minutes - engage, interact and enhance customer experience.

What is Beacon marketing?

Beacon marketing is a proximity marketing channel used by businesses to interact and engage with consumers at strategic locations. This communication is triggered by a tiny hardware device known as Bluetooth beacon. These devices transmit location-triggered rich notifications to smartphones nearby.


Reach out to consumers nearby with contextually relevant beacon notifications.

Reduce the waiting time, engage with them and streamline your queue management with smart proximity solutions.

Easy to use & rich beacon platform

We create, manage and monitor your beacon campaigns from our web platform.

Powerful NearBee app to receive proximity marketing campaigns

End-consumers receive beacon marketing campaigns on NearBee ( iOS & Android ) when they are in proximity to the beacon.

Detailed analytics on campaign performance

As a service we do provide real-time data on notifications, clicks, and campaign performance.

Our 3 Prong Beacon Marketing approach

1. Deploy beacons

Beacons have to be deployed in strategic locations to ensure smooth engagement with consumers. Also, the beacon range has to be calibrated in a way that it does not interfere with the experience of the adjacent product.

For eg, let’s consider beacon deployments at an iPhone store. The use case is to inform consumers about the best of each iPhone model. In this case, the beacon range has to be calibrated in a way that the information about iPhone X is confined to this physical range. A consumer looking at iPhone 7 should receive information about this model and not iPhone X (unless the goal is to upsell).

beacon-marketing-create (2)

2. Create a proximity marketing campaign

Campaigns are as effective as their landing pages. With Our Beacon platform, we can create landing landing pages, which we call markdown cards. You could use one of the pre-designed templates or build from scratch – neither of them requires a developer. The platform also lets you create beautiful and fully functional forms for collecting feedback from your customers. If you already have a social media campaign or a campaign website that you want to direct users to, we could do that as well.

The dashboard also allows us to measure and fine-tune your campaigns using the analytics engine.

3. Deliver personalised campaigns

We create campaigns on our Beacon dashboard and assign it to the deployed beacons, your consumers start receiving notifications on their smartphones. To receive these notifications, your consumers need a beacon-powered app. This app could be one of the following –

  • 1. Your brand app 
  • 2. Our Beacon app, designed to receive beacon notifications available on the i0S and Android App Stores

We will measure and fine-tune your campaigns using the analytics engine.

This is how the notification looks like on iOS and Android devices –

How does beacon marketing work?

Let’s walk through what happens when a user walks into a beacon zone.

Beacons deployed in stores, airports and other business locations continuously transmit Bluetooth Low Energy signals in its range. The beacon range is calibrated as per the use case. It ranges from 10m to 300m. Beacon-powered apps are capable of scanning these Low Energy signals. Once these apps detect the beacon signal, it finds the ID attached to the signal. The smartphone refers to the cloud server using the ID and fetches the action linked to it. This action could be notifying users about a deal, a feedback form or the business website. These notifications are rich in-app notifications that open up a campaign – a markdown card, a form or a website.

Grow your business with our end-to-end proximity marketing solution

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Real time stats

Real time data uploads, management software od

Engaging Content

Campaigns are as effective as your card creatives. Create engaging cards and forms for your campaigns. We have an inspiring collection of cards and forms from across industries to get your creative juices rushing.

Allow customers to interact with products they bought and re-order

Help customers re-order their favourite product from anywhere! Direct them to your online store when they scan the product in hand.

Funnel new customers into your business premises, without an app

Drive footfalls to your business just by tapping at the storefront, sale signs or digital signage - deliver offers, listings or contact information.

Send location-based offers to engage with consumers at the right time

Proactively engage with consumers and broadcast relevant deals and product information that help them make smarter decisions.

Retarget customers online once they leave your business premises

Re-connect with your loyal customers on Facebook and Google to drive them back into your store.

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