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What is NearBee?

NearBee is a beacon-aware app that lets users discover proximity-based relevant content making it the best Nearby alternative.

NearBee uses the Physical Web technology to scan for devices within the proximity and displays the notification on both Android and iOS devices.


Our App, provides a seamless, non-passive, rich notifications complete with visuals to the end-user.

Features of the App

  • 1. Delivers non-passive notifications

    It alerts the users when proximity-based relevant content is available through a ringtone or vibration which can be determined by the end user. This increases the possibility of a consumer looking at and clicking on a notification.

  • 2. It allows for a visually rich notification

    Notifications complete with a powerful CTA and aesthetically pleasing images get delivered to the lock screen of both Android and iOS users.

  • 3. Reach out to consumers without spamming them

    Our App does not show duplicate notification unless the customer leaves the beacon range and re-enters after a couple of hours. Our powerful anti-spam algorithm enriches the end user’s experience.

  • 4. All notifications get delivered to the lock screen

    Proximity notifications means every notification makes it the lock screen.

Future Updates –

  • 1. The App will act as an app within an app

    When customers enter a particular store, NearBee’s UI will morph to reflect that business’s unique branding which means the in-app colors, content and icons will completely morph to stay true to their personal brand.

  • 2. Tailored and targeted notifications for loyal customers

    The App will not treat every customer the same.  Businesses will be able to target loyal customers with rewards and promotions.

  • 3. Send notifications to customers even when they are no longer in the beacon’s range

    NearBee will allow users to ‘follow’ businesses and receive controlled and timely updates from them even when they are no longer in the range of the beacon.

  • 4. Cashierless checkout: Shop online from local businesses

    Businesses will be able to integrate their Shopify and Square stores with the app allowing customers to shop online whether they are at home or inside the store. This will help customers avoid long checkout lines and facilitate free pickup of their order at the store.

  • 5. Retarget customers on Facebook and Google

    Brands and businesses will be able to retarget their customers on Facebook and Google using NearBee.

Empire Retail Solutions Beacon platform is a complete end-to-end solution

A 5-part solution that works seamlessly so that you can run proximity marketing campaigns effortlessly.

  1. Beacon Hardware
  2. Beacon Management
  3. Analytics and Content Management Platform
  4. NearBee for Android and iOS
  5. NearBee SDK for third-party app integration

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