Proximity Marketing in Real Estate

Proximity marketing campaigns up & running right away

Whether you need to attract visitors, engage with them, capture leads or sell your real estate property, setting up Beaconstac campaigns takes minutes not days.

Beacon Hardware Indoor Beacon


1. Deploy best-in-class Bluetooth beacons at your business location

Your next apartm


2. Create interactive promotional message. No coding necessary!

Google Nearby notification on Android smartphone


3. Send beacon notifications to consumers nearby – use NearBee or your brand app.

With beacon technology in real estate, connect with visitors in smarter ways

Drive engagement with media rich campaigns

Do more with Beaconstac campaign cards

Embed videos and GIFs
Aid property search with directions on Google maps
Push business cards
Add a tap to call button

Capture more leads with forms

Roll out interesting lead capture forms for real estate with ease – no coding required. Use our pre-designed forms or put your creativity to work, to create forms that get you more leads.

Got questions? Talk to our retail marketing expert.


Recapture property visitors – wherever they go, online

Relax when visitors leave after a property visit! Retarget them the next time they go online, and get them back with relevant ads of your property on Facebook and Google.LEARN HOW

Direct visitors to your website, social media – or any web address

Whether you need to elaborate about your services, capture leads on website, or promote listings on social media, beacon technology directs visitors from location-based beacon notification to any URL.LEARN HOW

Analyse and improve your conversions

Beaconstac’s built in analytics gives you data to grow your real estate business. It shows you the footfalls on your property, number of leads your proximity campaigns bring in and more.

“As a provider of marketing solutions, our relationship with Beaconstac has allowed us to provide a cost effective, high engagement, marketing tool that gives our clients an edge above their competition. Our clients have increased their customer engagement by an average of 30 percent.”RACHEL SOTO, FOUNDER – GEOWRAPS MARKETING


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