Real Estate

Beacons for real estate

Attract home buyers to your properties and enhance their experience with beacon marketing

With beacon technology in real estate, connect with visitors in smarter ways

Do more with Beacon campaign cards

Drive engagement with media rich campaigns

Embed videos and GIFs
Aid property search with directions on Google maps
Push business cards
Add a tap to call button


Capture more leads with forms

Roll out interesting lead capture forms for real estate with ease – no coding required. Use Beaconstac’s pre-designed forms or put your creativity to work, to create forms that get you more leads.

Recapture property visitors - wherever they go, online

Relax when visitors leave after a property visit! Retarget them the next time they go online, and get them back with relevant ads of your property on Facebook and Google.

Direct visitors to your website, social media - or any web address

Whether you need to elaborate about your services, capture leads on website, or promote listings on social media, beacon technology directs visitors from location-based beacon notification to any URL.

Analyse and improve your conversions

Our built in analytics gives you data to grow your real estate business. It shows you the footfalls on your property, number of leads your proximity campaigns bring in and more.

Grow your business with our end-to-end proximity marketing solution

fall in love with our features

Real time stats

Real time data uploads, management software od

Engaging Content

Campaigns are as effective as your card creatives. Create engaging cards and forms for your campaigns. We have an inspiring collection of cards and forms from across industries to get your creative juices rushing.

Allow customers to interact with products they bought and re-order

Help customers re-order their favourite product from anywhere! Direct them to your online store when they scan the product in hand.

Funnel new customers into your business premises, without an app

Drive footfalls to your business just by tapping at the storefront, sale signs or digital signage - deliver offers, listings or contact information.

Send location-based offers to engage with consumers at the right time

Proactively engage with consumers and broadcast relevant deals and product information that help them make smarter decisions.

Retarget customers online once they leave your business premises

Re-connect with your loyal customers on Facebook and Google to drive them back into your store.

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